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Winterhalter F 8500 F8500 12 kg Universal Dishwashing Soap Detergent for Dishwashers Horeca


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Dishwashing liquid Soap Detergent

Brand: Winterhalter
Type: F8500

Capacity 12 kg / 9.4 liters

A universal cleaner and guarantees very good cleaning, good starch dissolving ability, very good grease dissolving ability and very good bleaching action. Winterhalter F 8500 is suitable for professional front-loading, pass-through, basket and belt conveyor dishwashers in restaurants, hotels and healthcare facility kitchens. Suitable for all types of tableware made of glass, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel as well as cutlery and actively removes all types of dried-in food residues as well as coffee and tea residues and other dyes.

For perfect washing results, we recommend using this agent together with Winterhalter B 100 N rinse aid.

Item no. 5842

Additional information

Weight 12 kg


12 kg / 9.4 liters


F 8500 F8500