Payment options

Bank Transfer

With a bank transfer, you transfer the outstanding amount to our bank account yourself. From the purchase invoice, you can see the amount involved and the account number to which you can transfer the amount. You will also find the payment term on the invoice. Payment by bank transfer should always be made stating the correct invoice number. You are responsible for filling in all information correctly.


Online purchases can be easily paid via iDEAL. At checkout, choose the payment method iDEAL and select the bank you want to pay with. You will be redirected to your own online banking environment and asked to log in. Enter your information and complete the payment process. All payment information such as the amount to be transferred, account number and any payment characteristics are already entered. Your bank will confirm the payment to us and return you to the webshop.


For our Belgian customers, we offer the option of paying by Bancontact. During checkout, choose the Bancontact method. Then you are given the choice of entering your card information or paying through the app. When you enter your card details you will be redirected to your bank’s familiar online banking environment. Complete the payment, when successful you will be redirected back to the webshop.


Prefer to pay via PayPal? No problem. Horecacentrum Brabant offers PayPal as a payment method. At checkout, choose the PayPal payment method and follow the instructions. The webshop will redirect you to your personal PayPal environment. Log in with your PayPal email address and password and pay with your online wallet. PayPal is an easy and secure way to pay online, and it enjoys great trust among customers because no personal or financial information is shared when a payment is made.