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Stainless steel sous vide cooker Max 22 ltr 230V Horeca


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Stainless steel sous vide

Insulated Sous-Vide cooker

Great for any catering kitchen, including circulation pump, drain valve, capacity minimum 11 to maximum 22 liters, temperature +45/+95°C and adjustable time-temperature levels.

Sous-vide cooking
This cooking method is becoming more common in kitchens. It gives your dishes a culinary flavor with a very simple and effective cooking process.

Underwater cooking in vacuum packaging ensures that the flavor and texture of the product remain optimal. Fish, meat and poultry remain tender and juicy, and vegetables retain their natural flavor and color. There is no loss of flavor and therefore no additional salts and spices are needed.

How it works
You package your product in a vacuum pack with or without the addition of spices. You place the vacuum bag in the water bath and set the temperature on the digital LCD display to your desired value. With temperature accuracy, the water bath is maintained at temperature. As the water is circulated a homogeneous temperature is achieved.

    • Capacity 22 liters
    • Separating grid included
    • Universal plug-in frame

Dimensions wxdxh 36 x 57.8 x 30 cm
Power 700 watts
Connection 230V

Item No. 8045

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 36 × 57.8 × 30 cm



22 liter




700 watt