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Stainless steel Rational iCombi Pro 6-1/1E Combisteamer Steamer oven 400V Horeca


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Stainless steel Rational Combisteamer Steamer Oven

Brand: Rational
Type: iCombi Pro 6-1/1E

Suitable for 6 x 1/1 GN gastronorm

Rational’s iCombi Pro combi steamer allow grilling, roasting, baking, steaming, stewing, blanching, poaching or frying on multiple levels simultaneously without fat. With the new iProductionManager system, you combine several loads simultaneously with the greatest of ease when possible and one after another when the cooking system needs to switch processes. For example, from hot air to steaming or just from steaming to a combination of both.

Intelligent Technology
The iCombi Pro is equipped with a host of intelligent sensors and functions that ensure consistently perfect results every time. And still open the door or add load in between? After closing the door, the iCombi Pro resumes cooking and adjusts moisture, temperature and time fully automatically.

Setting up all these intelligent systems is also very easy with the intuitive full color touch screen.

iCombi Pro 6-1/1 (Electric)
This version features 6 levels in 1/1 GN format, which are placed lengthwise. This ensures that the levels can also accommodate 1/2 GN, 1/3 GN and 2/3 GN, for added flexibility.

Thoughtful Design
The guide frames are removable, which together with the integrated (maintenance-free) grease separator, integrated hand shower and smooth stainless steel surfaces ensures easy cleaning. With the extra-insulated glass door and athermal handle, the door and handle always stay cool, for safe and comfortable opening.

The combi steamer also features energy-saving, long-life LED lighting in the baking chamber with high color reproduction for quick recognition of the condition of the food to be prepared.

Extended Features
The powerful steam generator ensures optimal steam production even at temperatures below 100°C, with intensity selectable in 4 steps. And the PowerSteam function enables increased steam production, for example, for Asian cuisine applications.

Standard features of the combi steamer include a core thermometer with 6 measuring points, automatic error correction in case of misplacement and optimal positioning aid for soft or very small/delicate foods.

The Delta-T cooking options allow particularly efficient preparation of dishes with minimal cooking loss. And the Cool-down function provides adjustable rapid cooling that includes selectable extra rapid cooling by water injection.

With the iCareSystem, the iCombi Pro also features both short interim and extended self-cleaning, which can also be set as desired.

Furthermore, the temperature display and setting can be easily switched between °C and °F, time display/setting can be selected for 24-hour or AM/PM time, and the clock with atomic time ensures always accurate time.


  • 10.8 kW
  • 3 NAC 400V

Mode Combi-steamer

  • Steaming 30 °C – 130 °C
  • Hot air 30 °C – 300 °C
  • Combination of steam and hot air 30 °C – 300 °C


  • 850 x 842 x 804 mm

Complete with connection set

Installation in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany possible for 375 euros excl. btw

1 Year full warranty on all new Rational combi steamers

Item no. 6052

Additional information

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 85 × 84.2 × 80.4 cm






iCombi Pro 6-1/1E


10,8 kW


Geschikt voor 6 x 1/1 GN gastronorm