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Stainless steel Lincat Clam Grill Hamburger grill Grill plate 80 cm 17,2kW 400V Horeca


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Stainless steel Baking Tray Grill Plate
Lincat Opus 800 OE82010
Make quick work of steaks, burgers, onions and other fried foods with the double heating power of the Lincat Opus 800 Clam Griddle. By heating your meat from the top and bottom, this device helps reduce the shrinkage of the meat during cooking and also keeps the juices locked in to produce more flavorful results. Both the upper and lower cooking zones and the left and right sections can be controlled separately to produce the exact results you want and provide an economical solution for when demand is low.

Product Features

  • Dimensions 542 (H) x 800 (W) x 800 (D) mm
  • Dimensions – cooking surface 766 x 525 mm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Power 17.2 kW
  • Power Type Electric
  • Temperature range 50 ° C to 250 ° C
  • Voltage 400V
  • Weight 178 kg
  • Cook food up to three times faster than a standard griddle
  • Meat products are cooked quickly, seal in juices, retain flavor and reduce shrinkage
  • Precise timing controls – digital timer with audible alarm on each clam plate
  • The clamtop automatically adjusts to the thickness of the food being cooked
  • Independent upper and lower cooking zones for greater flexibility and economy during quiet periods
  • 15 mm stainless steel grill plate for easy cleaning
  • 12 mm hard anodized aluminum clamping plate ensures even heat distribution
  • Welded plate edge for increased durability
  • Raised height to splash guard protects surroundings
  • Large 48 mm round drain hole allows excess grease to drain into a collection tray underneath
  • Large 2.5-liter dirt collection tray for uninterrupted cooking

Item no. 7725

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 54.2 cm








17,2 kW