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Enomatic Enoround wine dispenser wine by the glass 16 bottles 2018 Horeca


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Wine dispenser Wine by the glass

Enomatic Enoround
Year of construction 2018
– enoline 8 + 8 REF (16 bottles placed in a circle).
– Wine temperature:
– Room temperature
– Chilled: from 7 to 18 ° C (from 45 to 64 ° F).
The dispenser has a dual temperature compartment
separately managed to serve both red and white wines.
– Use and system activation: self-service through
card readers.
– Gas supply: food grade nitrogen or argon
– Portions: 1 or 3 configurable volumes with touch screen
key display.
– Display: each position has a graphic LCD touch screen
interactive display to track the functions of the dispenser.
A central LCD graphic display provides general information.
– Materials: stainless steel with Corian top.
– Cooling system: by refrigerator compressor.
– Condensate drain: not required.
– Lighting: with LED. The light intensity changes according to
different functions.
– Environmental control: a distribution box controls
All external environmental conditions (temperature, pressure,
humidity) to automatically adjust the efficiency of the dispenser.
This ensures greater precision of landfill volumes and
improved functionality of the cooling system.
– Nitrogen / argon leakage control: a designated pressure control system
system marks any gas leak directly on the display.
– Bottle lifting system: electric pistons that do not use air
or gas for bottle activation.
– Types of wine cards: chip card (SMART card) and RFID MIFARE
(MAD system compatible for shared use).
– Module interface: LAN network, TCP / IP protocol.
models Ø H weight electrical requirements
enoround 8 + 8 REF (counter not included) 125 cm diameter and 175 cm height 185 kg 230 V – 375 W

Item no. 2679

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Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 125 × 125 × 175 cm




375 Watt